by: Matt Simerson
Sunday 28 Nov 21

For Sale (SOLD!)

ToshibaTZ61V61 61-Inch TheaterView Projection Television

ToshibaTZ61V61 61-Inch TheaterView Projection Television

Combine a superb picture, an exciting sound package, advanced conveniences  including the ultimate in channel surfing - and you'll understand why the TZ61V61 is a world-class projection television.

Toshiba is well-known for superb projection TVs and the TZ61V61 delivers on that promise with 800 lines of horizontal resolution and brightness levels that leave viewers in awe. The new "Multi Window" lets you preview nine of your favorite channels, so you'll never miss a great show - or game. And an Advanced Back-Lit Universal remote puts all these conveniences right at your fingertips.

The TZ61V61 Includes all the Toshiba Standard Features Plus:
  • Multi-Window (9) Dual-Tuner Picture-in-Picture (PIP)
  • PowerFocus™ CRTs with Dynamic Quadruple Focus
  • Back-Lit Universal Remote Control
  • Dual RF Inputs
Video Enhancements
  • PowerFocus™ Lens System
  • TheaterBright™ Screen with SLD
  • Digital Comb Filter
  • Color Temperature Control (Warm/Medium/Cool)
  • Theater Mode (Picture Preference)
Convenience Features
  • Tri-Lingual On-Screen Display
  • ColorStream® Component Video Inputs
  • Energy Star Compatible
Audio Enhancements
  • MTS Stereo/SAP with dbx
  • Surround Sound
  • Sub Bass System (SBS)

Includes the optional $115 protective screen. The TV is in excellent condition. (SOLD) Call Matt at for more details or to schedule a lust provoking in person preview.

This TV is capable of displaying everything at it's highest resolution (except HDTV). DVD's and SuperBowl games look fantastic, and your friends will drool when they see the 6 channel preview across the bottom. It's channel surfing on steroids.

VHS = 230 lines
TV = 330 lines
laserdisc = 425 lines
DVD = 500 lines
HDTV = 1080 lines

Dimensions: W 51" x H 56" x D 26"