Feeling Studious?

Care to feel like a seminary student for a day? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out as much as you can about the book of Philemon. It’s a big one, with all of 25 verses. You can find it by opening up to Hebrews and going back a book. Primary questions you should look to answer are as follows.

Who was the author(s)? Family Heritage? Educational Background? Occupational Skills? Cultural Advantages: (exposures, expressions), Religious Experiences: (crisis of faith, growth, etc).

Who is the audience? OT or NT? Jew or Gentile? Believers or unbelievers? Familiar or unfamiliar?
Where are they (place)?
When did the writing take place?
What is their situation? (problems) a. Socially b. Spiritually
Why was it written? (purpose)

You can use your Bible, bible dictionaries, commentaries, other books, etc. As long as the resource is verifiable, it’s valid.

Post away. The purpose is primarly observational. I shall not comment on this thread until next week. I think you’ll be absolutely amazed at how much can be known about such a short book.

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  1. Like Ephesians ,Phillipians and Colossians, Philemon is one of the prison Epistles written during Paul’s first confinement in Rome.Onesimmus’ one of Millions of slaves in the roman Empire had stolen from his master Philemon and had run away after reaching Rome he met Paul who led him in the faith of jesus Christ after accepting the faith. Onesimus was obligated to return to his master. fearful for his life.( since death would be the normal punishment. ) Paul wrote this letter primaraly to Philemon as an intercession in Onesimus’ behalf and because Philemon was not the only slave owner in the church it was to serve as a guide to other christians in the relationship between master’s and their slaves. and at the same time even offered to pay any dept that was owed.
    Author: Paul
    Date : around 62 AD

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