by: Matt Simerson
Saturday 03 Dec 22

Killarney III

Time line:

July 22nd - Surls family arrived at Lyn's in Williamsburg around 10:00. We left for Killarney shortly thereafter and arrived in at the park around 7:00 pm. We arrived and hiked into site number 53 (a couple km's) and spent the night. H53 is a decent site but the water access isn't great and the mosquitos nearly carried us away. The mosquitos turned out to be rather pesky evening guests on all sites. We've decided that mosquitoes are the state bird of Ontario.

July 22 H53     Beef Stew
July 23 H49 ..Oatmeal ..Bagels & Salami & cheese Chicken & rice
July 24 H46 ..Granola GORP & fruit ..Bean soup & bread
July 25


..Couscous ..Bagels & PB Spaghetti & bread
July 26 H33 ..Granola Granola bars Chicken & noodles
July 27 H32 ..Oatmeal ..Bagels, tuna & cheese ..Pea soup & potatoes
July 28 H22 ..Pancakes GORP & fruit ..Bean soup & bread
July 29 H19 ..Oatmeal Granola bars & fruit ..mac & cheese
July 30 H7 ..Granola GORP & fruit  
July 31   ..Oatmeal    

July 31 - Walk out and depart for Cadillac and spend night.

August 1 - 8:30 Ortho appointment in Cadillac for Matt. Return to Lansing with Mike & Deb. Martha drives me to Detroit and Matt's flight departs Detroit Metro at 4:30pm.

Roster of Hikers: Mike, Deb, Nathan, & Daniels Surls, Matt Simerson, & Martha Crawford.

AlpineAire 3 .Beef Stroganoff
  2 .Almond Chicken
  2 Albacore tuna w/ noodles & cheese
Backpackers pantry 2 .Dumplings with chicken
  1 Louisiana red beans and rice
Mountain house 4 .Spaghetti with meat & sauce
  3 .Rice and chicken
  4 .Hearty stew with beef
  1 .Noodles and chicken
Nutrigrain 5 Apple cinnamon
  3 Blueberry
  7 Strawberry
Sunbelt 2 Chocolate Chip
  1 Apple Cinnamon
Quaker 26 .Chewy chocolate chunk
Nature Valley 14 .Granola bars (2 pk)
Swiss Miss 36 Spiced apple cider