Goat Packing

My family and some others were left for the weekend,
All of our backpacks contained quite a blend.
We started off to camp with several goats,
An’ the next morning, we would eat boiled oats. (oatmeal…)
So we hiked several miles and fell into some piles.
Then we sorted out our tents and made a nice fire,
With a wide river beside us all the while.
We ate a couple bars and filtered some water,
Little did we know that that river would be broader.
Then we all retired to our tents and fell asleep,
Listening to the waters, ev’r so deep.

FSHHHHHWSHHHHHWSHHHHHWSHHHHH! (it was very loud, a little bit repetitive)
My dad woke up early the next morn,
Started a fire, and made it really burn
Once we were filled and hydrated,
We all knew at the end that our feet were ill-fated.
The goats were loaded up and then we grabbed some snacks,
The parents nearly left us behind- we had to follow their tracks.
We hiked so far just to see a waterfall and some rocks,
But halfway through some of us went back to dry their socks.
When we all came back and were laid out with aching bones,
Along came a thunderstorm and amid general groans,
We had to quickly rig up a tarp to keep dry.
The river it was roaring, soon we said goodbye
For we radioed out and they said a likely flash flood!
If we never left, we would have been fish food!

(<could/could not be hyperbole, we will never know)

* real story, this happened a bit ago. A couple other families and my family went goat-packing, and we hiked all through Saturday only to find that it rained so hard we had to evacuate in danger from a flash flood. We were situated in a canyon next to a river, a perfect spot to get flooded! We hiked out and got to the parking lot at 11:20, then had to drive home.

Why the long face?