by: Matt Simerson
Saturday 19 Sep 20

Matt's Page of Hunting.

I just needed a place for this picture so I created a page to go with it. I love to hunt and have rifle deer hunted since I reached legal age. OK, so maybe I went a few times before that too, but anyway, I've been hunting a long time!

I took this picture of my 8 point on November 15th, 1997, approximately 8:15 EST. This buck was following a doe and yearling and when the doe smelt danger, he stopped behind a couple trees. Little did he know that my 30-06 and I are a very lethal combination. There was a 2" gap between the trees and he stopped with his lung cavity exposed through the crack. I shot him a little high on in the chest to keep from messing him up inside. It was a perfect shot that took most of his lungs out and didn't damage anything else.

Maybe I'll dig through and add some more pictures here later...