by: Matt Simerson
Monday 28 Sep 20

Matt's 7 Day Backpacking checklist

 __ Reservations - Reserve campsite in advance

 __ Backpack - It goes without saying that your pack is extremely important. A good pack will be your faithful friend, helping you during the entire trip. A poor pack will be your beast of burden. You'll loathe putting it on, your stuff won't stay dry, you body will ache, and you'll be a cranky. So, get a good pack! Money has value here, it doesn't in the wilderness.

The best packs in the world are made by Dana, Gregory, and Mountainsmith. If you step down a notch you'll get into the excellent value, good quality packs. Packs made by Kelty, The North Face, Lowe Alpine, and REI. There are plenty of other options but I've been on too many trips with Eureka or Jansport gear that failed.

Packing - Packing your bag correctly will make a huge difference in how your pack performs. On a long trip, it's essential to pack properly.

The rule of thumb is to keep all the heavy stuff towards the top of the pack as close to your body as possible. The easy way to do this is put all the light stuff in the bottom of your pack. Your sleeping back goes in the very bottom compartment.


__ Map (buy at trailhead)
__ Trash bags (emergency poncho / pack cover)
__ MiniMag AA flashlight
__ Minimag headband
__ Spare batteries and bulbs
__ Compass
__ Pocket knife (Swiss Army knife )
__ Matches (waterproof) & BIC lighter
__ Fire starter (s) (magnesium starter, wax logs)
__ 100 feet of mountaineering cord.
__ Sun glasses.


__ Tent (Kelty Vortex 2)
__ Ground cloth for tent (polyethylene fabric)
__ Sleeping bag (Kelty Blue Kazoo) or Fleece blanket
__ Pillow
__ Sleeping pad (Thermarest)
__ Emergency Blanket

 Cleaning & Personal Items

__ All purpose Soap (castile)
__ Toothpaste & toothbrush
__ Toilet Paper / pocket Kleenex.
__ Diaper wipes


__ Duct tape (wrapped around something useful like a lighter)
__ Camera w/good battery and extra film (Yashica T4 Super)
__ ID - drivers license or credit card
__ Sun screen - (Banana boat SPF 15 bite-block)
__ Insect repellent


__ Hat - as weather dictates
__ Bandanna
__ Underwear - 2 pair - (Duofold coolmax).
__ Long underwear (lightweight polypro long sleeve top and bottoms)
__ T-shirts - 2 coolmax
__ Shirt - Ex Officio long sleeve
__ Sock liners - Two lightweight nylon / Coolmax
__ Socks - Two smart wool hiker.
__ Water/windproof Jacket (Columbia parka)
__ Water/windproof Pants (Goretex)
__ Hiking boots - Vasque Explorer
__ Sandals - Teva
__ Swim suit


__ Cooking Stove & Fuel (MSR Whisperlite Int'l 600)
__ Pot or sauce pan - With lid. (MSR stainless two quart pan w/lid)
__ Plate - Lexan (very versatile)
__ Mug/cup - Coleman Mountain Mug style
__ Spoon (Lexan)
__ Ziplock Bags
__ Aluminum Foil

Food & Drink

__ Water filter - (MSR Miniworks)
__ Iodine water purification tablets
__ Water bottle - (Nalgene 1 liter smoke colored)
__ Oatmeal - Instant single serving packs
__ Powdered milk
__ Mashed potato flakes
__ Rice packages - boil in bags are nice
__ Hard bread (pita shells, bagels) and/or Triscuit crackers
__ Salami / Sausage / Pepperoni
__ Jerky - BBQ Pork or Beef & Honey Ham Turkey
__ Cheese - Sharp Cheddar, swiss, Mozzarella
__ Granola Bars & Snickers
__ GORP (Mixed nuts & M&M's.)

Prepackaged Meals

__ Mountain house
__ Pack Lite Foods for Camping and Backpacking
__ AlpineAire Foods
__ Backpacker's Pantry Foods
__ Natural High Foods

 First Aid Kit

__ Triangular Bandages
__ "Ace" Bandage
__ Supports weakened limb joints.
__ Holds compresses or splints in place.
__ Sterile pads 4"X 4" - Dress large wounds.
__ 4" bandage compress - Dresses large wounds.
__ Band-aids - Treat small wounds.
__ Roll of adhesive tape
__ Moleskin tape squares - Prevent and treat blisters.
__ Antiseptic soap - Cleans wounds
__ Tube of Chapstick - Prevents dry lips
__ Aspirin - Relieves aches and pains.
__ Antacid - Relieves nausea.
__ Small scissors - Cuts moleskin and tape.
__ Safety pins - Hold compresses or splints in place.
__ Tweezers - Remove splinters and ticks.
__ Allerest
__ Poison Oak remedies - antihistamine creams.
__ Superglue (liquid skin)

 Dog Gear

__ Pack (Mountainsmith Pack III)
__ Small tarp (grab a stick and make a lean-to)
__ Water bottle (mountain bike style for him to drink from)
__ 30 feet of mountaineer rope. Use to secure the tarp and the dog.