Lectric XP brake upgrade

I have a Lectric XP 2.0 e-bike I purchased in 2022. I ordered it with the cargo package (front and rear racks & baskets), intending to use it to reduce car trips for local errands and grocery shopping. Without any planning I can easily carry home two grocery bags on it. With a couple bungee cords, I can carry home a fair bit more.

The rather basic single-piston brakes with 160mm rotors that came with it are good enough to stop the bike and I on most terrain. However, I live in Seattle and we have good sized hills out here. When riding down a hill with a load of groceries, a fair degree of planning is required to bring the bike to a stop on time. It seems Lectric was made aware of this deficiency because the XP 3.0 has upgraded the brakes to 180mm rotors and hydraulic brakes.

Today I upgraded my XP 2.0 with a TEKTRO 203mm rotor on the front and I replaced the Zoom single-piston calipers with XTECH HB-100 hydraulic dual-piston calipers. The improvement in stopping power was immediately noticeable and I’m looking forward to testing my next grocery run.

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