Marker Alpinist and Leashes

I’ve been using B&D ski leashes since Art Freeman recommended them several years ago. They’re a superb alternative to the itty bitty short leashes the binding makers sell. I managed to go several years without breaking a fuse link, and this year I’ve already managed to break two.

Although mine seem to have failed during traveling near other pairs of skis, the fuses are designed to break during spectacular yard sales and to prevent skis from being avalanche burial anchors. Bypassing the fuses is suicidal, touring without a leash isn’t awesome, and so I searched for an improvement.

Marker doesn’t document the feature but my Alpinist bindings have two itty bitty holes for attaching leash cords. I found an online comment telling me where to find them so I tossed my skis onto the bench and gave the bindings a closer look.

The active mount has the black cord included with the leash. I populated the second hole with orange 3mm accessory cord and a spare fuse. Next time a fuse breaks, I can just pop the leash onto the spare.