Mediterranean diet

The following account is an actual conversation between myself and the pharmacist at Walgreens (while picking up a prescription for grandpa).

Matt: “How many prescriptions does the average 70 year old have?”
Pharmacist: “It depends on the person.”

Matt: “The average shouldn’t depend on the person.”
Pharmacist: “Good point. Probably 10 or so.”

Matt: “You said it depends. What then makes the greatest difference in the number of prescriptions a person has?”
Pharmacist: “A mediterranean diet.”

Matt: “Huh?”
Pharmacist: “You know, mostly fresh plants and fruits, whole grains, moderate wine consumption, and regular physical activity.”

Matt: “And how many prescriptions does the mediterranean diet patient have?”
Pharmacist: “4-6. Most everyone else, 10-12.”

Matt: “Hmmm.”