My solution for robocall bill collector

This morning at 5:05 AM I got my third call from 877-384-0290, “If you are not Evelyn ____, please call 877-384-0290 and have your number removed from our list. If you are…”

At 9:34AM, when the call came in again, I hung up and called the 877 number to inform them I have no idea whom that person is/was. Not surprisingly, I was placed on hold immediately. While I was holding, my level of annoyance rose as I was repeatedly informed their call volume was “unusually high.”  And I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell them.

So I logged into my BroadVoice control panel, and configured “Call Forwarding Selective.”  Now, when they call me, their calls go directly into their own switchboard. I doubt it will make any difference to them, but at least they won’t wake me up at 5AM.

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