Flash stumbles again

In November 2009, Palm announced Flash support for WebOS in the first half of 2010. In February 2010, Palm released WebOS 1.4 with support for Adobe Flash 10.1 Beta, which would be available for download in the Palm App Catalog. On April 18th, Adobe’s CEO announced that Flash for Android and WebOS would be delayed until the second half of 2010.

Today, Palm announced that they don’t know why Flash for WebOS is not yet available. Perhaps, like Steve Jobs pointed out, after years of trying, Adobe still cannot deliver a version of Flash that runs well on any mobile phone. Look at how poorly Flash performs on the HTC EVO, a brand new phone with super-sized hardware specs.

Goodnight Flash. You will be remembered fondly as a relic of another time. Just like floppy disks, token ring networks, and Helen Thomas.

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