TV in the 21st century

Projector technology finally became bright enough to use in daylit rooms (~2000 lumens) and dipped below $1k for HD models. I picked up a projector last year and then an AppleTV over the holidays. My entertainment center is now miniscule compared to times past.

  • Epson Powerlite 720P HD projector
  • 26″ LCD HDTV
  • HDMI 4 x 2 switch
  • Logitech Z-5500 5.1 speaker system
  • Apple TV
  • 4 HDMI cables (projector cable is 30′ long)
  • 1 Toslink cable

The only ‘analog’ cabling is from the Logitech amp to the speakers. The HDMI switch is a splitter with one cable going to the Projector and another to the TV. It drives both simultaneously with no hiccups. It has 4 inputs, with one from the AppleTV, another for my laptop, and 2 for future use. Audio is routed to the TV via HDMI and from the TV to the Logitech control center via Toslink.

The only fiddling with cables required is when using my laptop. I have to connect a HDMI<->DVI adapter to my MacBook Pro for video, and connect the Toslink cable from the Logitech to my laptop. Between the Apple TV and laptop, I can stream iTunes, NetFlix, and Amazon movies to both screens.