Cleaning up our mailbox

There’s nothing like being away from home for most of the summer to make one realize just how much junk mail is arriving. We get at least one credit card offer a day and 3 morgtage protection insurance offers a week on top of local ad mailers (which are at least somewhat relevant). Today I found a Privacy link on the FTC web site that led me over to the OptOutPrescreen web site.

On the OptOutPrescreen site you can tell the “Big 3” credit reporting agencies not to provide your information to credit card and insurance companies that are “prescreening” you to determine if they want to mail you offers. Hopefully I just cleaned up our “postal” mailbox and helped save a few trees.

NOTE: This is different from the Do Not Call registry in that is is per-by-person so in our case, Jen and I must both opt-out.

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