Philosophical question of the day

“If you had only a few minutes to live, what would you do with them? What if you had only a few days? Twenty years?”

From The Big Questions by Robert C. Solomon, pg 30.

If you enjoy thinking, this is already quite a good book.

The Big Questions: A Short Introduction to Philosophy (with Source CD-ROM)

3 Replies to “Philosophical question of the day”

  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know.. read everything before doing anything…

    Flight of passage, by Rinker Buck

    If you think of enjoying…a good book, a good story.
    Exceptional mental images of the excitement, wonder, and fear of flight.
    However,it is filled with bad language, as unfortunate as it is necessary to the tale.
    Two thumbs up.

  2. Q#1- kiss the man or women next to you and wish them well

    Q#2- make sure my family is taken care of after I’m gone. Leave a video for my kids

    Q#3 – spend the 20 years giving all I can to my family

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