On The Road

We’re in Kansas. Bye bye Texas, Oklahoma is in the rear view mirror, and Colorado is in the near future.

9:45AM 26,543 – Depart Home
10:34AM 26,590 12.726G $34.60
12:41PM 26,734 6.018G $15.64 23.9mpg(1)
3:17PM Kansas Turnpike $1.50 (3)
6:27PM 27,097 15.203G $41.34 23.9mpg(2)
10:30PM 27,436 Arrival in Denver
12H:45M 893m 33.947G $91.58

Leg #1 stats: 893 miles in 12.75 hours = 70mph avg. speed(4)
Economy = 23.9mpg.

(1) speeds driven on this tank were less than 70mph.
(2) speed varied between 70 and 80mph.
(3) Drove through a “brown out” where high winds and dust limited visibility to 20′.
(4) Faster speeds on the two latter tankfuls helped make up for extra stops for Kayla to play in the grass and stretch.

3 Replies to “On The Road”

  1. I’m sure the extra space in the minivan was well worth the extra $20 it cost for gas. That’s why weve had one for the last 9 years:)
    Don’t forget to experience the world you are passing thru. It is so easy to miss some of the most amazing places when in haste.

  2. hey Matt, I was wondering what car was getting this mpg? and also how much you paid for the specialized tools for the jetta timing belt replacement and how long it took you. cheers

  3. Experience the world we pass through? When passing though the windstorms in the middle of Kansas that swirled up so much dust that we couldn’t see 20 feet, I decided not to experience that world and switched the air conditioning to recirculate mode. Our favorite experiences along the way are the people, and that’s what why we are still in Denver.

    Scott: the car is a 2004 Honda Odyssey. The specialized tools for the Jetta cost a few hundred dollars. I don’t remember exactly, I bought them back in 2002 when I first changed the Jetta timing belt. They paid for themselves the first time I did the work, this time they made me money. The first time it took me all day, this time about 6 hours (including water pump replacement) to do the job.

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