by: Matt Simerson
Wednesday 19 Jun 24

I have an extensive background in all major computing platforms (DOS, Windows, MacOS, and UNIX) and have worked on quite a few others (OS/400, OS/2, Linux, A/UX, System 38). I have a solid knowledge of the merits of each platform. I work with MacOS, & Unix systems on a daily basis, which helps me keep current with the newest technologies.

Most consulting projects are short term "We need to accomplish X" and span from a few hours to days and on occasion, weeks. Examples of work I've done include:

Various companies: build internet (web, mail, DNS, etc) servers. My specialty is building infrastructure (core) systems for internet companies. After construction, they systems are handed off to the technical leads of that business for long term ownership. I provide tier 3 support to the technical lead(s).

Harbor House Publishers: Added internet access and email to each workstation (MacOS, DOS, and Win95). Added file server with large RAID array for speedy file services for MacOS & windows, in addition to providing full internet access to each desk. Upgrade all systems to full Y2K compliance.

Network Reporting: Phase out Novell Netware server and replace with WinNT to lower administration costs and simplify network management. Rewired the building with Cat 5 (100BaseTX) and upgraded 25 workstations.

Network Reporting: Replace aging FoxPro database that was eating records. Yes, that's right, eating records. Secretaries would enter a record and it would never appear again. Every record had to be entered twice and reporting worked sporadically. Over a weekend I created the new database using Filemaker Pro, imported all the data from the FoxPro databases and had every workstation configured on the new system. They were thrilled.

The Art Farm: Wrote custom database application for account management, LAN design and administration. Part of my evaluation of the way the Art Farm was doing business was business management, particularly finances. We moved the bookkeeping and accounting functions in-house and converted to a fully automated accounted system (including payroll).

The Art Farm: Designed, built, and maintain the internet server that hosts all web hosting clients, mail services, custom CGI's, shopping carts, and more.