He’s a traveling man…

Once again proving that I just can’t sit still, I’ll be flying west quite soon. It’s a mixed trip, primarily business but there will be some quality time spent fishing on Ricardo’s boat. 🙂

August 24
UAL 6879 TVC 1:50 PM – ORD 1:59 PM
UAL 305 ORD 3:05 PM – SEA 5:25 PM

September 01
UAL 350 SEA 6:35 AM – ORD 12:23 PM
UAL 5440 ORD 1:25 PM – TVC 3:26 PM

Greetings from Seattle

My flight arrived last night in sunny warm Seattle. What a lovely place the Pacific Northwest is. Most of the spring flowers are at the end of their bloom peaks and it’s a lovely sight. This is such a wonderful place to be.

Summer is heating up

The temperatures in northern Michigan are finally rising and for many that we know, their schedules are heating up just as quickly. That is certainly the case for Jen and I. Today Jen leaves for Orlando for most of the week.

She get’s back Thursday and the following Tuesday, I hop on a Jet bound for Seattle for a long week. I’ll be spendng some time out there assisting Ricardo (Jen’s dad) after his foot surgery.

A few weeks later we hop back onto a Jet bound for Alaska for 9 days. There’s also that expense paid trip to a warm sunny Caribbean island that we have to take this year. At least we don’t have to worry about being bored. 🙂

Go Surls

My buddy Mike has had a vanity domain (surls.net) for eons. I’ve hosted it for him and thus far it’s sole purpose is to have cool email addresses. Over time I’ve taken some photos and posted them but HTML, while not being difficult, is just something else to spend time on. So, Nathan (Surls) asked me to set up a blog for him and his parents. Why didn’t I think of that. 🙂

So, now the Surls family has their own blog, and whatddya know, Mike has even posted already. 🙂 Nathan also has his own blog as well.

The spring thaw

There is no longer any denying it, the spring thaw is upon us. Our ski trip today is cancelled due to rain. It’s rained for the last few days and last night we were supposed to get snow. We did, but then it rained the rest of the night and this morning. I think it’s safe to take the ski rack off the Jetta now.