Deposit checks to EverBank with a ScanSnap scanner

I have a bank account with EverBank. They have a feature that enables check deposits from home. It uses a Java applet that runs in the browser. The applet includes a scanner driver that directly controls any TWAIN compliant scanner. The general idea is that a customer will go to their web site, log in, turn on their scanner, click the “make an online check deposit,” and then the Java app will scan and upload the image.

That scenario doesn’t work for me because my ScanSnap document scanner is not TWAIN compliant and likely never will be. So I contacted EverBank and their support staff “changed” my account so that it runs a different Java applet. Instead of controlling a TWAIN scanner, it accepts two scanned JPEGs. Once the changes to my account were completed, I tried using the feature and got this error message.

There’s two straight forward ways to tackle this problem.

  • Do as they suggest and select 32-bit Java. Run the Java Preferences app in Applications / Utilities. Reorder the list so 32-bit Java is first. This works, but it means that all Java apps will run 32-bit instead of 64-bit.
  • The other workaround is to set one web browser to run in 32-bit mode and always use that browser for online banking. Since I rarely use FireFox, I set FireFox to run in 32-bit mode and it worked as expected.

Then I set up a new ScanSnap profile for scanning checks. I named it “EverBank” and configured the following options:

  • Application: Scan To File
  • Image Quality: Best (slow)
  • Color Mode: Color
  • Scanning Side: Duplex
  • File format: JPEG
  • Paper size: Auto
To deposit a check, I switch to the EverBank profile, scan the check, and then choose the resulting files in the Java applet. It works.

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  1. thanks! I called them up and insisted on the same “change” to my account. had to read your blog article to them over the phone to prove this was something everbank offered.

  2. Great news Andrew. I’m glad I was able to help. Something I forgot to mention. When I contacted EverBank, I received an email with their phone number and the instructions to ask for a Tech Support Specialist for Online Check Deposit. When I did, the young lady who answered my call knew exactly what I needed. She dealt with whomever makes the actual change, and then called me back after completion to walk me through configuring Java.

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