Translation of Texas “representation”

This week in Washington, the House passed the Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act (H.R. 1633) to ease the federal regulatory burden on farmers, ranchers and rural businesses in order to restore confidence and create jobs.

Barack Obama and the big bad gubberment are taking away jobs from red-blooded Americans! Never mind that farmers and ranch owners will not pay a living wage so long as they can hire illegal aliens for a fraction of the cost of an American.

I was proud to vote for this bill, yet another jobs bill put forth by House Republicans to empower small business owners and eliminate burdensome Washington regulations that prevent job creation and hinder economic growth. This bill prevents the EPA from issuing new dust regulations. Additionally, it gives states the flexibility to address any rural dust issues rather than the federal government.

For political reasons, I’m obstructing Obama’s attempts to create jobs for US citizens through infrastructure investment. For other political reasons (big farmers write big campaign donation checks!), I support job creation for illegal aliens because that’s good for my contributors.

We hear a lot about the need to protect our air quality and the need to ensure clean air for future generations. As the grandson of a farmer, I know the value and importance agriculture producers place on protecting the soil and water they use to grow quality food to feed the country. I would argue there are no greater stewards of the land than farmers, and that additional rules on these hard-working Americans to regulate rural dust are not only unnecessary, they can be detrimental.

I’m hoping you have a Texas education and haven’t learned that the very reason we have farmland dust regulations is because the farmers turned the west into a dustbowl in the 1930s.

Yours respectfully,

Jeb Hensarling
Member of Congress

I hope you’re dumb enough to believe everything I just said.