Olive oil sprayer

Yes Bill, I’m still happy with my Misto M100S olive oil sprayer.

I’ve had the Misto for 5 months. Its utility is such that it justifies being out on the counter at all times. With most of the oils hiding in a cupboard, the sprayer does get lonely. It has only the pourer to keep it company. The Misto is consoled by knowing that unlike the pourer, he has the premium extra virgin olive oil.

I use the sprayer most for roasting veggies. We really like our roast veggies. With the sprayer, I can coat the veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, etc.) with a thin coat of oil, a dash of seasonings, and they become a sought after course. Any time I fire up the oven, I inventory my veggies to see if there’s anything I could be roasting at the same time.

The key to happiness with an olive oil sprayer is to not tell it you have better oils relieve the pressure after every use. With a quick twist of the cap, the air pressure bleeds off. I often do so while holding the bottle with a towel, so I don’t get oily hands. I leave the cap on loosely and put the pump top back on. When I use it, I screw the cap down, pump it up, and spray away.

Misto M100S.