Building a Christian America

When taught well, history is a positively fascinating and enjoyable subject. Here is a positively superb example of how history should be taught:

It is impossible to understand the role of the Christian Right in American culture unless we first understand its two predecessors: the Second Great Awakening and the Fundamentalist Movement.

In this second article in this four-part series, then, we will ask how the Second Great Awakening and the Fundamentalist Movement sought to transform the United States into a distinctly Christian nation and, in that way, paved the way for the Christian Right of our own time.

By Richard Hughes: The Christian Right In Context: Building a Christian American

Introducing a subject with a statement like “It is impossible to understand ___ without first understanding ___ is almost always a positive harbinger.

I truly do admire men like Mr. Hughes who have the depth of knowledge and eloquence to simplify such a complex issue.

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