sleeping pad weight versus insulation

Sleeping Pad




M.H. Highmountain 72



B.A. Insulated Air Core



Big Agnes Air Core


C.D. Thermarest NeoAir



Z-Rest 3/4 / full


11 / 15

C.D. Thermarest Trail 1″



2 Replies to “sleeping pad weight versus insulation”

  1. I remember trying to sleep on a 1″ thermarest on snow….shiver, shiver, SHIVER.
    Fortunately I had a warm blooded friend who let me sleep on his coat.
    The M.H. Highmountain 72 will be worth the weight!

  2. I recall that night. My hammock proved only a tiny bit better than sleeping on the snow. As we learned, a 1″ thermarest is inadequate for winter conditions. The Highmountain is 1″ closed cell foam. I discovered it when someone placed one under me during MOFA training in 2000. After laying on the ground for 15 minutes, waiting for my rescuers to find and discover my simulated wound, that pad felt so good I had to have one. 🙂

    When sleeping on snow or ice, I carry it plus my z-rest. Or rather, I used to. It’s fine for backpacking, but with all the extra gear and space required for climbing gear, it takes up too much space. The HM 72 rolls up to a 18″ wide by 9″ round roll. In contrast, the B.A. IAC is a 6″x3″ roll and inflates to over 3″ thick. Combined with the Z-Rest, I get enough insulation, far greater packability, and way more of comfort.

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