Not April Foolin’


I can certainly understand why some of you were reluctant to believe a post I’d make on April 1st. That fact was part of the reason to make the announcment on April 1. “Is he serious?” would certainly be a valid question. In February the “all day” nausea settled in and there was strong suspicion. It didn’t take long to confirm.

Junior 2.0 is for real.

Kayla’s little sibling is on his way. The 10 week ultrasound was on March 24 so Junior is due in late October. The gag order has been lifted so I can shout it from the rooftops. We do not know the sex. As with last time, I’d prefer not to know, but I got my surprise. It is Jen’s turn and she hasn’t decided yet if we will find out.


It also seems a post with a Kayla photo is past due. She has passed the 10 month mark and is now inch-worming across the floor, which she uses out of necessity. She is just starting to crawl but doesn’t care for it at all. Instead, she scoots over to something, nearly anything, and uses it to pick herself up. Once standing, she’ll follow any wall to anywhere in the house.

She is well past the, “she’s right where I left her” stage. She eats just about anything, particularly so if she watches daddy eating it.

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  1. Junior sure is a wiggly little thing. 🙂 I miss Kayla… I’m gonna have to make a trip down there to see her. (I guess I can see you two too, but…. :D)

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