Home sweet home.

St. John is a getaway destination. In that sense, it’s a wonderful place to go. We got off to a great start, exploring and adapting to the surrounding. We woke up early each morning at 10. We explored the beaches and snorkeled around the island, hanging out with lobsters, barracudas, sea turtles, and octopuses. The biggest worry was making sure our belly got as much sun as our backs got while snorkeling.

However, in the latter few days, the wonderfulness got rubbed off. One must understand that even paradise has rainy days. The clouds and wind can block the gorgeous views but we also had a wonderful place to hang out and wait for the sun to return. We had all the creature comforts one could want. We were managing just fine until a cold decided to plague us and from it there was no escape.

We had been looking for a “Matt & Jen update” photo moment and Jen suggested putting the master suite back in order. The photo would be us sitting in the middle of the room, looking as miserable as we felt with all our used Kleenex blanketing the surrounding area. The caption would read: “Wish you were here.” I thought it was a good idea but we couldn’t summon the energy to do anything about it.

Our colds are now reduced to minor congestion. Our flight from Chicago to Grand Rapids was cancelled last night so we got a cab ride from O’Hare to GRR. We arrived home 8 hours later than expected (8:00AM). Combine the travel fatigue with recovery from the colds and we’re wiped out. A couple of solid nights of sleep will fix us right up. Tomorrow will be a brighter day.

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