Evidence found.

After my water broke on Friday night, we had a couple of hours before heading to the hospital. We packed our bags and Matt finished baking the cookies. Today evidence was found that yes Matt is susceptible to impending birth jitters. I found the unused cookie dough in the pantry next to the chocolate chips instead of in the refrigerator. Oooops. Obviously a few more important things were on his mind. 🙂

Home Maintenance

We’ve been working away at the house a fair bit lately. Nearly all the drywalling is done and we’ve finished up all the mudding and sanding. How do you know if you’ve been working with mud for too long? We’re not sure, but we figure it’s at the point where you begin looking for holes to fill that aren’t in the wall.

We’re in the home stretch now, all the walls are finished. Nearly all of them are primed and a few are painted.

extraordinary pig

A city fellow was invited to spend a weekend at a friend’s farm. Several things were new to the city fellow, but the strangest thing he saw was a pig with a fancy artificial limb. When asked about it, the farmer replied “That is no ordinary pig. Last year our house caught fire while we were sleeping, and that pig knocked his snout against our bedroom window, woke us all up, saved our lives. Another time, little junior was swimming in the creek and hit his head on a rock. The pig dove in, grabbed Junior by the trunks and hauled him out. A pig like that, you don’t eat ’em all at once.”