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FreeBSD Mail Toaster Configuration (v2.5)
Author: Matt Simerson.

[ Install | Configure | Filter | FAQ | ChangeLog | Mailing List | List Archives ]

Free support is only available on the mailing list. Support is provided by the author on a fee basis. Contact for rates.

Contributions: Express ideas on the mailing list. If you are anxious to express your gratitude, feel free to purchase something from my wish list.

Step 1: Configure DNS

Mail routing is very dependent on DNS. If you don't have dns configured properly, mail will not work as expected. You will need to get DNS configured for each domain you want to collect mail for. For some helpful DNS links have a look at my dns links.

Step 2: Configure MySQL

mysql -u root -p
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON vpopmail.* TO vpopmail@"" IDENTIFIED BY 'secret';
use vpopmail;
CREATE TABLE relay ( ip_addr char(18) NOT NULL default '',
timestamp char(12) default NULL,
name char(64) default NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (ip_addr)
mysql -u vpopmail -h -p (get this working before you continue)

Adding Mail Domains

~vpopmail/bin/vadddomain [password]

Supervise/Svscan Startup

/usr/local/src/ -s supervise

Set up logging dirs.

/usr/local/src/ -s maillogs

Fire up qmail

services start

What you should see in the process list:
# ps au

root 33322 p1 S 11:14PM 0:00.02 svscan
root 33323 p1 I 11:14PM 0:00.01 supervise send
root 33324 p1 I 11:14PM 0:00.01 supervise log
root 33325 p1 I 11:14PM 0:00.01 supervise smtp
root 33326 p1 I 11:14PM 0:00.01 supervise log

OK, now you're ready to have some real fun. Point a web browser at Log in with postmaster,, and the test password. Add a user named "user". Time to send some email:

# mail
Subject: test
# ls ~vpopmail/domains/*

You should see a file in the new directory. If not, tail /var/log/maillog and figure out why.

Now we want to get our POP3-SSL and IMAP servers working. We can either reboot or start the servers manually:

imap start
pop3 start
imapssl start
pop3ssl start

Domain administrators can add/edit/delete users, mailing lists, autoresponders, mail forwarding, and aliases by logging into the qmailadmin interface:


maildomain perl script - Front end to nearly everything you can do with the vpopmail programs.

Convert Multilog date stamps to human readable date stamps

# tai64nlocal < logfile > qmaillog.tmp

Statistics about your mail queue:

Feed your qmail-send output through matchup and pipe it through a stats processor:
# /usr/local/qmailanalog/bin/matchup < /var/log/mail/send/current | /usr/local/qmailanalog/bin/z*
where z* is one of the following
# zddist, zdeferrals, zfailures, zoverall, zrecipients, zrhosts, zrxdelay, zsenders, zsuccesses, zsuids

Modify the HTML interface:

Sqwebmail: html temples live in /usr/local/share/sqwebmail/html/en-us/
qmailadmin: html templates live in /usr/local/share/qmailadmin/html/

Other Tweaks:

Sqwebmail Calendar: echo "local" > /usr/local/share/sqwebmail/calendarmode

© Matt Simerson 1999-2004 - Email suggestions or updates.