by: Matt Simerson
Wednesday 19 Jun 24

HOWTO's and MAIL Server recipes

FreeBSD MAIL toaster current

FreeBSD MAIL toaster 2.2(mysql), 2.1(mysql), 2.0 (mysql)
FreeBSD MAIL toaster 1.7 (mysql), 1.6 (cdb+mysql), 1.5 (mysql)
FreeBSD MAIL toaster 1.4 (cdb+mysql), 1.3 and 1.2 (cdb)

BSDI + qmail recipe
BSDI + qmail + vpopmail toaster

Ezmlm Reference
Forge Email

Custom hacks

Qmail Toaster Patch (combines SMTP-AUTH, tarpitting, DNS, and large concurrency patches)
Qmail Toaster Patch 2.0
Qmail Toaster Patch 2.2 - DNS, big concurrency, tarpitting, smtp-auth 0.30, qmail-queue, qmail-qpop3d, qmail-badrcptto, envelope sender

tcpserver-mysql patch (adds MySQL support)

QQtool - tool for viewing, expiring, or deleting messages from a qmail queue.