Great Products #1

Today I replaced the brake shoes on my commuting bike. After 350 miles, I had noticed that the OEM pads performed poorly and squeaked and chattered when wet. Worse, while changing a tire I noticed gouges in my rims (see photo). Notice the shininess of the old pads. That shine is metal bits of my rim that the cheap pads ground off with dirt and road debris. While that might tempt some to pony up for disc brakes (thief magnets) but I had a better idea.


Ten years ago I purchased a set of Kool Stop brake pads for my Mt. Bike. I’m not sure how many thousands miles I’ve rode them but they are fantastic pads. They brake wonderfully in all weather conditions including grainy Michigan dirt, urban road grime in Georgia and Washington, and slippery Texas clay. Part of why they brake so well is that they clean the rim instead of grinding in debris. After buying them, I never gave another moments thought to braking problems.

Until I got my commuter. I had looked for Kool Stop pads at two of the Local Bike Shops and neither carried them. I had considered taking the pads off my Mt. Bike. But then it would be lacking a set of decent pads. I did a quick internet search and ordered them off I’m almost disappointed there will be no rain for tomorrows ride.

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  1. How long did it take you to replace those brake pads? I understand Kayla wanted to help you. She was sure ready to get back to the garage to help last night! How much help did Lucas add to the project? I could just see you working on one tire and Lucas trying to take apart the other. Grandpa says it’s time for Lucas to have a “hammer”. Glad you found the pads. Glad we caught you on ichat! love, Dad & Ma

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