Pop in the news

My very own father makes it into the Traverse City newspaper and nobody seems to know a thing about it?!


Now that you are famous, “Dad, can I have your autograph?”

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  1. It only took you a month to find our picture! We had slipped away – took Paul and Tiffany to work and went to this energy exhibit at the college. No cell phones with us – just out for a few moments and “nobody knew where we were” ha! We have had calls from several out of state people who brouse the local record eagle! Actually, we were feeling a little low on the energy end that morning (hadn’t even had breakfast) and thought that energy exhibit would help.

    We would like a new photo of your bouncing baby boy! did you take any photos? His name is Luke, right?
    Grandmas need to know stuff like that. Love you!

  2. Hmmm, I knew… didn’t think to pass on the info though. Sorry. I’ll be mentioned in the Record Eagle in a month or so for a research project for my Special Ed. class – Just thought I’d give you fair warning. 😉

  3. Now now, it didn’t take me a month. I’ve had the picture sitting on my desktop for weeks, waiting to get posted. There hasn’t been a shortage of things to do since Lucas’ arrival.

  4. So, Matt, do you have that diaper thing down now? I remember that you had quite a bit to say about Kayla and her ability to surprise you with her poo talents! Boys have different abilities… like the waterfall or should I say power spray! Maybe that’s what has been keeping you busier. Actually, Kayla probably takes all the extra time you used to have to keep her busy now that mom is so busy with Lucas. You have a great little family. Love to see you all. love Grandma S.

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